Mobile Veterinary Practice

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End of Life Care

The benefits of having pets are too many to list, and to most of us they are considered family. They provide us with many years of laughter, companionship, unconditional love, and sometimes tears. It is always a difficult moment when you realize your beloved pet is not having the quality of life you want for them, or when severe injury or sickness cause us to make decisions we would rather not be faced with. The decision to provide an ailing pet with a peaceful passing can sometimes be overshadowed by the thought of their last moments being spent in a waiting room full of onlookers and being escorted into an unfamiliar examination room. Many people find it comforting for themselves and their pets to have this procedure done in their home, where their pet's last moments can be spent in their favorite sunny spot, surrounded by the people they love. At home euthanasia is a service that the Mobile Veterinary Practice provides. Making the decision to schedule a euthanasia for your pet can be difficult and confusing. Please contact us if you have questions on the procedure or after care.

We have more information available here: click on link below
Preparing for Pet Loss website with resources to help make decisions, plan ahead, help children with their loss and support after your loss