Mobile Veterinary Practice

Greater Rockford, IL 61107


Dr. Beth Christensen, veterinarian at Mobile Veterinary PracticeDr. Beth Christensen

Dr. Christensen graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University in 1985. She is a native of Clear Lake, Iowa.  After graduation, she moved to Rockford and worked at a traditional stationary practice for 9 years. In 1994 she decided to start a house call practice. In 2015 she transitioned her mobile practice to End of Life Care because she feels it is a very important option to have available for pets. She has been married to Scott since 1990. Her pets include a box turtle named RC and a cat named Jekyll Zoomie Hide. RC is a therapy turtle in the visiting pet program she helped start called New Friends. Outside of work she enjoys gardening, biking and working out at the YMCA.  She is active in her church and has taught Sunday school,  and been the youth group leader. Besides helping pets, she has a special interest in children and has been involved in Kids Club through Centennial Methodist Church, Rock House kids for underprivileged children and is currently a youth group leader for City Life at the YMCA.  She is also an advising veterinarian for Northern Illinois Hospice.  They have a program called Pet Peace of Mind that is set-up to help human hospice patients care for their pets.
Her twenty plus years of providing veterinary care for pets in the home can help provide your pet a peaceful passing in a familiar environment.