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Below are exerpts from the Pet Memorial Service Held at Grace Funeral Home on January 23rd.

When tomorrow starts without me, don't think we are far apart. Just know that you are never far from my heart.


Dear God, you have given us care over all living things. Protect and bless the animals that give us companionship and delight. Thank-you for all of those devoted furry friends you have brought into our lives. We are grateful for all the wisdom our pets pass along. For those that are no longer with us, we know they are under your care. 


In some beliefs, the flame represents the soul and its nature.  Humans respond to this kind of light and in a time of extended darkness, actually crave it.  Adults and children alike are absorbed by looking at a flame and the visual warmth that this flame represents can become healing.

Isn't it interesting that most things we encounter in life are enclosed in a container, solid and limited within a defined boundary?  However, the flame has a boundary that is not defined; it changes; it doesn't have a wall to it; two flames can blend and be separated; one can feel the effects of it; see it and yet not hold it. A flame defies containment and it can become almost as mysterious as the souls and the deepness of the love that we feel for our animal friends.

Wendy Griffey and Sally, a Mobile Veterinary Practice clientMemorial service held by Mobile Veterinary Practice Bob and Jody, clients of the Mobile Veterinary Practice