Mobile Veterinary Practice

Greater Rockford, IL 61107


Benefits of House Calls for End of Life Care
The Mobile Veterinary Practices believe house calls are beneficial for our clients and patients.  You and your pet can be in the comfort and familiarity of your own home so there is less stress. Family members and friends are welcome to be present. That includes four-legged family members that also need the chance to say good-bye.
Dr. Christensen has been involved with home visits since 1994. Her goal is to provide a peaceful experience as you say good-bye to your pet. With her years of experience and having her come to the home, your pet will have the best care possible.   She can provide  grief support material including special coloring books for children. Since she has  practice locally since 1985, she personally knows most of the veterinarians in the area and will gladly contact your veterinarian afterwards if you wish.
If you are not keeping your pet, the Mobile Veterinary Practice can provide respectful aftercare options. Pets are never placed in black plastic bags and they are transported with dignity. If you choose to have your pet cremated individually, a special ID tag is placed with your pet to assure you that you are receiving your pet's ashes. This is in addition to the ID placed by the crematorium.  When you pick up the ashes it will be at Grace Funeral Home and not a busy veterinary clinic. We feel your pet is worth this type of treatment.